How To Make $100 Per Day From Google Adsense

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get $100 a day from google adsense. This can be one of the hardest questions to answer due to the many different factors that affect it. Nevertheless, we thought we would give it a go. 1. What factors affect ad revenue? Basically the factors that vary are summarized with a RPM value. This is basically the amount of money you earn per 1000 views. The main two factors that affect this are click through rate and cost per click. If you know your RPM then you can simply scale up your calculations for growth depending on the amount you want to earn. Your click through rate can be easily calculated by dividing the number of people who click on your site ads by the total number of people who view them. Cost per click is the amount you get payed every time someone clicks on the ad that you are hosting. 2. What is the average RPM? You can usually expect a click through rate of around 1% however it can be significantly more (or less) depending on your site topic. Sites that review the prduct being advertised may be able to get a rate of around 10% if they go about itnthe correct way. Cost per click varies a little more however for the purpose of this calculation we will assume it is around $1. However some ads can offer much more depending on what is being sold. RPM can then be calculated by 1% x $1 x 1000. Which turns out to be around $10 per every 1000 clicks. Please note that this figure is extremely variable. We have tried to go for the lower end of the spectrum here so that there is no disappointment. However don’t be surprised to see sites earning $50 RPM or even more. 3. How many views do I need then? $100 per day is $3000 or so per month. $3000 per month at a rate of $10 RPM is 300,000 views per month. You may have noticed that this figure seems way too high. Since the biggest variable is click through rate, we have provided a list of different rates below for $100 per day: 1% 300,000 views per month, 2% 150,000 views per month, 3% 100,000 views per month, 4% 75,000 views per month, 5% 60,000 views per month, 6% 50,000 views per month, 7% 42,900 views per month, 8% 37,500 views per month, 9% 33,300 views per month, 10% 30,000 views per month. 4. Is it possible to get more than 10% click through rate? Yes! There is no real limit to the % click through rate. However increasing beyond 10% will require a lot more work and earn you only a little bit extra. If you are achieving close to 10% then you should try to find ads that pay more per click. To calculate your required views to earn 3000 dollars a month just use the suitable figure from the list above, and divide by your cost per click.


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